Series: Essays for The Troth

I recently joined The Troth, because community membership – especially on the national scale – is important to me. I’d rather join the conversation from the field rather than the sidelines.

There is a course of study for new members to work through during their first year, if they are interested in pursuing the Lore program after reaching “full member” status. I am and I will!

Here is the outline and questions: Introduction to Heathenism

I’ll be putting my completed essays here, for my reference and for whoever else might be interested in them. They will be true “essays”, that is “trials, attempts”. Explorations of thought and interpretation. I will probably fall into the academic habit of writing as though I am certain of the truth. Truth, of course, is slippery and subjective and multi-headed.

1.1 Auðumla

1.2 Inangarð/Utangarð

1.3 Wyrd

1.4 The Nine Worlds

2.1 Manifestations of the Gods

2.2 Offering and Reciprocity

2.3 Lokasenna

2.4 Rigsthula

3.1 Family History

3.2 Ancestor Shrine

3.3 Visiting a Water Wight

3.4 Meeting the Neighbors

4.1 Seasonal Calendar

4.2 Group Calendar

4.3 Ritual Reflection

5.1 The Nine Noble Virtues

5.2 My Ethics

5.3 Oaths

6.1 The Afterlife

6.2 Hamingja

6.3 Gods and the Self-Complex

6.4 Funeral Planning

7.1 Kindred Hierarchy and Decision-making

7.2 Meet Your Neighbors (Round 2 – Pagan Community)

7.3 Meet Your Neighbors (Round 3 – It’s A Big Enough Umbrella, Why Do I Always End Up Getting Wet?)

8.1 Runic Scripts

8.2 Seidr

8.3 Folk Lore and Folk Magic


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