What’s my Angle?

I’m a person with a lifelong affinity with reverence for all parts of nature, the holiness and necessariness of destructive processes, and the awe and terror of Goddesses and Gods. But to be honest I’ve spent most of that time gutting those concepts and making them bloodless metaphors!

I believe a worldview informs all parts of a persons life and demands action. I believe a person should speak truth to power to the extent they feel safe and able to do so.

I am an anticapitalist and radical environmentalist who has trouble trusting her comrades in those struggles. I believe some things are relative but the merit of those causes is absolute. I believe in strong local community ties, though I have too few of my own.

I have felt a strong push towards a path reconstructing the prechristian worldview and traditions of Northern Europe: the soil in which even popular Christianity (in the Western world) has many of its roots.  I am American White Mutt, with mixed Northern-European heritage, but I believe faith and reverence and the callings of Gods take no special account of human races and nationalities. I do not tolerate racism, or the use of Gods to justify human bigotry. “My Kin” are a chosen family of like-minded individuals.

I am studying the lore and the history, and the practices of groups around me.

May my eyes stay open, may I always question, and question again. May I have the guts to prune what needs pruning and burn what needs burning, so what remains may grow.



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