So I haven’t been blogging…

I’ve been busy. I’m doing a lot of things that I’m proud of (and a lot of procrastinating) but the time and will to record any of it hasn’t occurred to me.

I’ve been working on a lot of things for my Kindred – we had an incredible dumb supper, for Winternights (the ancestor-centric holiday that synchs up most neatly with Hallowe’en/Samhain, for those what don’t know)

I met and was interviewed by three UW-Madison undergrads, who were studying the Sagas and Eddas and (separately) learning the basic methodology of ethnography. We (our kindred) were going to be their project. I was, I have to admit, trepidatious. But they were nice, asked intelligent questions, came to the dumb supper, and raised the horn to their dead ancestors. They’ve interviewed a few other friends as well, who all reported positive experiences. I hope they thought of us when they saw the Atheists’ “God Graveyard” that made a blog-o-stir recently, and the offerings left at Freyja’s image (I didn’t do it, and no one I know did, is the part that makes me smile.)

(Some of our members are addressing the racism and insensitivity to human suffering implicit in that display, privately, with the university. We will be hosting, in the nebulous near-future, a prayer and offering ritual for the 200 gods “buried”, as well. If anyone reading this would like to send in a prayer to be read, to any of the gods you happen to be close to, please do!)

I’ve started another project – audio recording of the stories in the Eddas, for the sake of greater accessibility. Right now it is just barely better than nothing, and if anyone would like to contribute even one recording, of any public domain translation of any Heathen primary source, (I know Saxo can get really long winded and dull…) it would be an immense help.

Gosh, what else? I’m working on illustrations (or ought to be) for a Pagan small press. 🙂 My editor keeps talking big about how I should do this that and the other to make a living on childrens’ books and even though I know he’s talking big, I’m terrified.

I’m working two jobs now, too! A Buddhist shop and a Nepali restaurant. I’m learning a lot about 1. Buddhist epistemology and meditation techniques, thanks to the shop’s bookshelf, and 2. what equitable religious intermixing can look like “on the ground”, so to speak, since my bosses’ religious preferences were set in turf where “the local goddess” was an idea everyone acknowledged, and traditions lived cheek by jowl in the same cities and families. My Buddhist boss joins in Laxmi puja for Tihar and keeps a small Ganesh on her prosperity altar, and my … well, Hindu is a undescriptive term, but my boss with a billion pictures of Sri Krisna behind the cash register lights candles before an image of the Buddha each work day, too. (and of course, everyone’s personal interpretation of underlying theology is their own damn business.) It sounds like a just-so story, but I don’t see enough of it in my own religious community.

(My restaurant-boss admired my Thor’s Hammer one day. “It’s, uh, related to the Dorje,” I said.)

Since starting there, a small image of Laxmi has gone up inside my Njord shrine (as though She were His honored guest), sitting atop a stack of business cards of the folks who send me my prosperity (and who know Her much better than they know Him), and a variety of Bodhisattva statues with small damages that make them unsalable have followed me home, sitting among the potted plants and receiving occasional mantras.

Anyway, that’s life. Busy and good.


3 thoughts on “So I haven’t been blogging…

  1. You’ll probably see this on your reader, but for ease of reference, here is my blog post on Zhu Rong. There are two verses from an ancient Chinese poem that could be used to honor him at the bottom of the post. I provided two different translations of the poem, you guys should pick whichever one seems to be better suited for your ritual.

    Gong Gong is not a god, as far as I know. In another ancient Chinese poem, he is referred to by an epithet translated either “the Fury” or “the Wicked One,” and he was responsible for damaging one of the Eight Pillars holding up the sky. I don’t know why the AHA picked him to include, as I’ve read of no historical worship of him.

    Trippy…yesterday (November 4, the 2nd day of the 10th lunar month) was actually the birthday of Royal Uncle Cao, also known as Cao Guojiu. There are definitely existing prayers directed to him and the other Eight Immortals, but probably not in English. I’ll have to do some digging around on that one.

    • Iðasfóstri says:

      Ugh gross, I’m sorry I engaged the anonymous commenter on your post. I don’t particularly want to get into a “what is racism”/”what is othering”/”look you’re doing it r i g h t n o w” conversation there, I predict nothing will be learned.

  2. Iðasfóstri says:

    Thank you again. 🙂

    (When I did a cursory google, English Wikipedia mentions a myth where Zhu Rong fights Gong Gong for … some reason, so I suppose they found the name there.)

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