When I started this blog I anticipated it being all theology all the time.

Turns out I’ve got to revise my expectations. That kind of stuff wears me out (at least at this point in my practice)

Today I’m working on a big Catfish mask/body puppet for a Procession of the Species at a local Solstice festival. It will be right next to the Great Catfish River, and I would be really upset if Catfish was forgotten because it is not a particularly sexy animal.

Ideally I will be puppeteering the head with my arms, and its dorsal fin will be on my head (I will be wrapped in a sheet) and I’ll have to walk a bit bent over to get the “long” look. Not sure if I can figure out some way to create a tail without dragooning an assistant to carry it like a banner behind me.

(Due date: June 22. SPEED COSTUMING)

There will be pictures! Finally! Pictures on this blog!


9 thoughts on “Catfish

  1. Elizabeth says:

    That sounds really cool, actually! I love mumming and puppets and masks and ritual theater, and was really sad when the weather was too shitty a few years ago for us to do a Yule rite involving a giant Odin/Slepnir puppet meant to be operated by four people.

    • Iðasfóstri says:

      I feel really strongly about mumming/masking as a thing on the “little end” of the spectrum that contains aspecting and posession – presenting a character for people.

      I had hoped I could make a Jackalope out of the leftover moldy-plastic from making Marvel!Loki’s helmet, but alas, I don’t think I’ll have time.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I have a Fool/Columbine costume, originally made for a friend’s wedding, that I wear every year at Beltane, and while I’m not “ridden” while wearing it (I don’t do possessory work), after several years of using it only for this purpose, the gown has acquired foo of its own. This past Beltane, I was feeling unwell and not at all in the mood to cavort around, and I almost didn’t put it on. However, after I went ahead and did anyway, I noticed that it was much easier for me to get into the spirit of things and do what I do every year during the Maypole raising and dancing. I also noticed that after I took off the costume, I went back to feeling tired and crappy.

        This is why I hold things like the antlers used in the Abbots Bromley horn dance in a certain amount of awe; they have probably picked up a lot of mojo from continual use over the years, even if many of the original reasons behind the dance have been lost or forgotten.

  2. OOooh, maybe you could find some sort of bike trailer or something like it to um, somehow strap to your body and carry the tail behind you?

    • Iðasfóstri says:

      HOPEFULLY my cardboard-smithing skills will be up to the task of making a kind of rigid frame that can attach to my waist. But, we’re working on this fish from the front to the back 🙂

      • Elizabeth says:

        If you have access to a feed store or garden center, a few yards of chicken wire might work with a fabric overlay and not be too heavy to wear/carry.

      • Oooh, cardboard is a magical material! It can do almost anything! 😀 It’s seriously one of my go-to crafting items, largely because it can be hard with almost no effort by scrounging.

  3. Iðasfóstri says:

    you jerks you are making my thing way more elaborate than I intended 😛

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