Black Mountain Waincraft has a good post, (about archetypes) about which I will say no more, because I want the negative and defensive blogotrends to die and for everyone to focus on productive topics instead

“once again, I put forth the understanding that an archeypte is “a Matrix or key Image which gives shape and direction to energies arising out of the Primal Source of all being.”  This is where the archetype originates, not in the human mind but in the depths of the primal source (which, I put forth, is most certainly transhuman).  Even good old C.G. Jung wrote, “One cannot invent symbols; wherever they occur, they have not been devised by conscious intention and willful selection, because, if such a procedure had been used, they would have been nothing but signs and abbreviations of conscious thoughts.”

Thus, the archetype is very real, very much beyond the human mind and very integral to the emergence of deity form.  No, it’s not, “All One”.  The archetype is a function…a form…a Power.  That power takes on symbolic forms and shapes in relation to its function.”

I like this. This seems to be moving forward and away from the way discourse is conducted and positions are encamped right now.

I am fairly engaged in figuring out and meeting “the Njord of my ancestors” right now, if only because I have to come to terms with a lot of cultural things that are all tied up in ideas of self and ownership and heritage and inevitability. I think ‘hard polytheism’ is good as a target goal, and an assumption to fall back on, but I pair it in my head with a kind of spiritual iconoclasm. Whatever you think you know about [deity], they are actually larger, stranger, more.

I think pagan reconstruction needs to, and is going to transform into something very different than it is right now, in order to take root and flourish.

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