Book Review: The Love of Destiny


First of all, this book is a free ebook, and it’s relatively short, so just go over to the author’s website and read it.

It’s a little examination of the roots of the modern idea that the physical is here and the spiritual is ~somewhere else~, and the author’s interpretation of the worldview of pre Christian polytheism (any pre Christian polytheism, really, but his examples are Germanic) where the physical and the spiritual are identical.

I recommend it highly because it is the best introduction to the idea that I’ve ever read. (I especially appreciate that all the examples are Germanic, so I can hand it like a conversion tract into my coreligionists’ hands, without asking them to generalize from this reconstructed religion to that one, or to apply phenomenology to their life, or anything)

Because I criticize books I love, here are my criticisms:

1. I was already on board with the idea that the scientific/rational worldview is an outgrowth of Enlightenment Christianity. BUT many people are not. I’ve hit a similar problem in anti-civilization activism. People think of “civilization” as “any interaction between two or more human beings” and “science” as “any attempt to make predictions from observation”, and stop there and don’t listen. Perhaps some other phrase (“Scientific absolutism”? “Reductionism”? “Rationalism”?) would mean the same, and be easier to swallow.

2. The author makes the mistake of looking at Platonic philosophy only from the lens of Christianity/modern philosophy. This might be appropriate, because that’s the way it influences the underpinnings of our culture, BUT both Platonic and Neoplatonic philosophers suffered greatly when later writers shoehorned their ideas into monotheist orthodoxy. “The One” and the the unreality of the Forms are much less of a thing than you might expect. For a modern polytheist reading and interpreting these philosophers, check out .

3. Frankly that’s it, this is a really good and smart book, go read it.

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